How to eat Sushi

I try to write the way of eating Japanese food several times in English from this time.

I describe about "How to eat Sushi" in this time.
This is not as manner and etiquette.
I describe to you as how to eat more delicious.
Shall we go!

Choose the sushi shop

Sushi shop are four types of broadly classified.

  • Super premium sushi shop
  • Luxury sushi shop
  • Masses sushi shop
  • Conveyor belt sushi shop

Super premium sushi shop
    Reservations are required.
    Enjoy sushi as works of art.
    To eat while watching the harmony of dishes and sushi.
    There is no menu and Shinagaki(Display plate of fish).
    Budget is  about 20,000 yen per one person.

Luxury sushi shop
    Without reservation possible visiting.
    There are provided sushi using expensive fish.
    There is Shinagaki(Display plate of fish).
    Budget is  about 10,000 yen per one person.
Display plate of fish

Masses sushi shop
    It is casual sushi shop.
    Sit and eat at the counter.
    There is Shinagaki(Display plate of fish).
    Budget is  about 5,000 yen per one person.

Conveyor belt sushi shop
    Fast-food sushi shop common in Japan.
    Pick their selections from a sushi moving along the conveyor belt.
    Customers can place special orders.
    There is menu and Shinagaki(Display plate of fish).
    Budget is  about 2,500 yen per one person.

Entering to sushi shop

Staff When you enter the shop would say "Irasshai(Welcome)".
You'll tell how many persons.
For example, if you are 3 persons you tell "San mei desu".
It is possible to indicate the number of people with fingers.
Staff will escort you to the optimal seat.

Sit at seat

Wet towel (Osibori) will be passed after you sit down.
Carefully wiping the hand.
Because you will eat sushi with fingers.
"Geta(Wooden platter )" and "Gari(Pickled ginger)" will be set in front of you.
Chopsticks and Kozara (small plates) also will be set.
Start set


Let's order.
Order in sushi shop, one by one.
If you want to eat a tuna, say "MAGURO".
If you want to eat squid, say "IKA".
Before the first order, tell add "NIGIRI de", "Maki de", "SASHIMI de".

People who do not know the name of the fish can not be ordered.
But do not worry.
The sushi shop there is always a set menu.
Typically is 8 to 10 pieces of sushi is 1 set.

It has rank "TOKUJYO or MATU (extra-special)", "JYOU or TAKE (special)", "NAMI or UME (regular)".
I visited the shop of first time, Always I ordered the "Finest"
The advantage of this order
Can see ability of shop.
Price is clear. (Usually "TOKUJYO or MATU (extra-special)" is about 2,500 yen. "JYOU or TAKE (special)" is about 2,000 yen. "NAMI or UME (regular)" is about 1,500 yen.)
If ate this set...Women was full. Men was not full.
You want to eat a little more?
Let's add order.
Try to remember the name of the fish when you go to sushi.

Japanese English
鯖(SABA) mackerel
鯵(AJI) horse mackerel
鰯(IWASHI) sardine
秋刀魚(SANMA) pacific saury 
とろ(TORO) fatty tuna
中とろ(CHU TORO) medium fatty tuna
鮪(MAGURO) tuna
鰹(KATSUO) bonito
はまち(HAMACHI) yellowtail
かんぱち(KANPACHI) amberjack 
鯛(TAI) sea bream
平目(HIRAME) flatfish
鱸(SUZUKI) sea bass
鮭(SAKE/SHAKE) salmon
穴子(ANAGO)  (cooked) conger 
蝦蛄(SHAKO)(boiled) squilla
鮑(AWABI) abalone
帆立貝(HOTATE) scallop
赤貝(AKAGAI) ark shell
鳥貝(TORIGAI)  heart clam 
海老(EBI) (boiled) shrimp
甘海老(AMA EBI) deep-water low shrimp
ヤリ烏賊(YARI-IKA) (spear) squid
甲烏賊(KOU-IKA) cuttlefish
蛸(TAKO) (boiled) octopus
イクラ(IKURA) salmon roe
数の子(KAZUNOKO) herring roe
雲丹(UNI) sea urchin
玉子焼(TAMAGO-YAKI) omelet
鉄火巻(TEKKA-MAKI)   tuna roll 
かっぱ巻(KAPPA-MAKI) cucumber roll
かんぴょう巻(KANPYOU-MAKI) dried gourd shavings roll

山葵(WASABI) Japanese horse-radish
醤油(SHO-YU)  soy sauce 
お茶(OCHA) green tea
お味噌汁(OMISO-SHIRU) miso soup

If you order say with "Name + KUDASAI" or "Name + ONEGAISHIMASU".

How to eat sushi

Its correct to eat sushi with fingers or with chopsticks.
Dip to Neta side when you dip sushi in soy sauce. [# Neta ; Topping]
(So that its not dip rice side)

Put the whole portion in mouth, hold the sushi so Neta touch your tongue.
(Sushi eat in one bite)
Eat the Gari between pieces of sushi, as a taste cleanser.[# Gari ; Pickled ginger]
(Gari is an additional free)

The order in which eating sushi

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